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Our team of financial advisors has a passion for eliminating any financial uncertainty by providing confidence through stable secure, reliable income. This is achieved by creating a simple to understand financial road map, and an easily accessible team of financial professionals working directly with you every step.

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In 1984, the average American household spent $2,500 per person annually on health care. In 2018, that number was $5,000. That means costs are 100% higher than they were in 1984.


The right questions to ask about retirement, like: “How do I make sure my money lasts?” and “How do I cover all my expenses?”

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Most people worry about not having enough money to do what they want or worry about running out of money. They also worry about owing the IRS because they don’t understand Taxes in Retirement. Like with anything, knowledge is power! Having an idea of what you want your life to look like at different stages is a great start! We help our clients achieve every financial goal, big or small. We educate by listening, putting a plan together and working that plan. Making sure you’re saving in the right places, protecting what you have with the right insurances, not over paying on taxes, Medicare supplemental plans, or long term care. Creating a financial plan that ensures you never ever run out of money and peace of mind when you are no longer here.

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Meet the professionals who can help you pursue your goals. We guide individuals and families toward their ideal retirements. Phoenix Financial Group, LLC is made up of qualified financial professionals who are passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

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